• Motor

    Build bridges of understanding between entrepreneurs of both continents. We are the engine of the necessary communication between companies that are so far one to other, because of their different cultures and distant markets. We encourage and force the commercial understanding to achieve commercial achievements and links for the future among companies of different nationalities.

  • Transparent

    Provide a transparent, honest, reliable and affordable service. We achieve our objective thanks to our many trips and contacts, our deep knowledge of gastronomy and Spanish market and our professional team.

  • Markets

    Facilitate access to target markets for Chinese and/or Spanish companies, advising and presenting those companies that are best able to carry out this business process.

  • Consolidate

    Consolidate us as true strategic partners who link us, achieving a level of satisfaction above the average, allowing that our own clients are those who disseminate our capabilities with the endorsement of our results, which will lead us to be a leading company in these markets.

  • Organization

    Be an organization competitive, flexible, accountable and adaptable to the diversity of opportunities in the field in which we operate, providing high quality services that generate added value for our customers.