• At the beginning, the main GLOBAL MARKETS DACH activity was focused on Spanish food and beverage sector, currently also coordinate commercial relationships of European products to the Chinese market. Also created synergies are breaking us through in search of different Chinese producers/products for the European market, packaging, bicycles, rubber wheels, furniture... and anyone else that, for their price and quality, is a buying opportunity for European entrepreneurs.


  • China to Spain remains a huge undiscovered world, Spain for China exerts an enormous economic, social and cultural attraction, GLOBAL DACH MARKETS we are aware of this circumstance and we want to collaborate with our customers on both continents to make a commercial and affective relationship bigger each day.

    We want, therefore, to put all our knowledge and experience at your service and help you in everything you need in their relations between these countries. We aspire to be part of its sales to foreign markets, saving you displacements, time, money and errors.

  • In the first steps of the companies that rely on our project, that we gladly share, GLOBAL DACH MARKETS acts as tutor and coordinator of the needs of both companies and business groups, filing out cultural, shortening times, bringing effectively the business idiosyncrasies of two peoples who, through unite common interests, adaptation of products to the market of each country and visits to factories, concluded with the signing of agreements with vocation of permanence. 

  • DACH GLOBAL MARKETS so it has a tip in each country because the success of the project is to listen both continents, in Oviedo (Spain) and China with office in Guangzhou and employees in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hong Kong, generating contacts to who listen their needs to provide them with products and services of European businesses and vice versa.

    We invite manufacturer companies, importers, exporters, distributors, cooperative organizations, travel agencies, real estate agencies, universities, etc., to be part of this initiative.