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Harmonic Development Sharing Honors (DACH).

GLOBAL MARKETS DACH is led by a group of professionals, which after extensive experience in the field of advocacy and consultancy companies, put in common their knowledge and contacts in order to create a company which aims are to facilitate the creation of durable commercial ties between Spain and China. Having a special interest in creating solid pillars, using the synergies that result in a profit for entrepreneurs of both countries.

Our company is involved in the supply of products, mainly food, from Spain to the Chinese market. GLOBAL DACH MARKETS represents a number of Spanish manufacturers and serious and well-known Chinese buyers. We provide to the buyers a direct contact with factories, with variety and high-volume products, and to the sellers the entry into one of the world's best and most prosperous markets.  Our task is to match buyers and sellers, working with both parties, assuring the business, in the medium and long term, through the signing of balanced international sales contracts. 

GLOBAL MARKETS DACH is specialist in contacts of companies that have needs of products or services, putting in relation to others that need sales, with volume and with continuity, mediating and preserving the good end of the business relationship. 
In the entrepreneurial spirit of GLOBAL MARKETS DACH are force ideas as: balance of performance, long-lasting relationships, implementation of business synergies, business stability, customer/partner, agile response, quality and guarantee of products and safety in payment.

The name of the Company contains our motto, in the belief that the slogan reflects faithfully the business philosophy of the Company:

Harmonic Development Sharing Honors (DACH).

We aim to share efforts and dedication, with order, strengthening and consolidating the relations making them prosperous for those involved in this project.